23" Balaenoptera Musculus RC Racing Boat Electric Dual Engine 2CH Yellow

Double Horse

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B18 Green Yellow
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Whether you want to glide around the water at your own pace or want to race your friends, once you have the remote control in your hands to the Balaenoptera Musculus RC Racing Boat you will be skippering one of the fastest boats around. It is powered by not one, but two PC twin propellers which keep this beauty going up to 25 mph. And it has a special feature of not being able to activate unless it is in the water – which protects you and your investment.

Another safety feature is that it can be controlled up to 300 feet away so no one has to be at the water’s edge for it to race. The remote range is 100 meters. It has a powerful 7.2V 1800MA SC rechargeable battery. Eight ‘AA” batteries are requires to operate the remote control. This is one of the latest and up-to-date models on the market and you could be one of the first in your group of boating buddies to own one!

Fastest RC Boat in our Electric Powered Speed RC Boat category
Powered by PC twin propellers
It can reach a speed of 25+mph
Fast turning radius
An operating range up to 300 feet
Running time of 20-30 minutes

In Depth
It is a newest style. Go very fast, equipped with 2 motors
It is a special design for protecting player. Only on water it can turn on
Full function radio controlled
Remote distance at 100 meter
2 powerful motor
Powerful 7.2V 1800MA SC rechargeable battery