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1/16 Torro German Tiger I Late RC Tank Infrared 2.4GHz Hobby Edition Camouflage Metal Tracks


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With a weight of around 13 pounds and dimensions of approx (52*24*29 CM), the RC Tiger I Tank is ideal for the demanding model builder. The Torro Hobby Edition impresses with 2.4 GHz circuit board technology with integrated loudspeaker. Due to the high weight, this model has superior driving characteristics, especially off-road. Accessories such as matching stickers perfectly round off the true-to-scale replica.The powerful model has a 2.4 GHz remote control and receiver. It is equipped with the IR battle system, which enables interactive battles between vehicles of the same series. The power motors with optimized torque give the Tiger I a precise and smooth steering system. Metal gears with robust gears and an improved gear ratio provide higher power. The proportional control allows you to start the tank very slowly and increase the speed smoothly. The Tiger I moves forwards and backwards, also with a left and a right turn. It can also be turned left or right on the spot. You can lift and lower the gun and rotate the turret 320 degrees (160 degrees each side). Various engine noises, gun recoil, flashes of light while firing, and smoke fumes from the mufflers round off the realistic experience.
2.4GHz RTR Proportional Radio System
Hobby Edition 
Hand Painted Camouflage
Maximum Turret Rotation320º (160 degrees each side)
Approximate Max Elevation Travel~30º
Gearbox Type ZINC 3:1 M/L 48MM
Chassis Metal
Turret Plastic
Drive Wheels Plastic
Idler Wheels Plastic
Road Wheels Plastic
Gun Barrel Plastic
LED Headlights
Sound and Light Effects
Smoke Unit
Suspension Torsion Bar System
Caterpillar Tracks Metal with Steel Pins
Barrel Recoil
Muzzle Flash
2.4GHz Transmitter
Accessory Kit
English/German Manual 
1:16 Scale
Infrared Version
Size: (52*24*29 CM)
Weight: Approx 13 lbs
7.2V NiMH Rechargeable Battery Pack (Included)
Transmitter: 6 AA Batteries (Not Included)
Wall Charger EU version (Included)
Smoke Bottle Fluid (Included)
Infrared Receiver (Not Included) 
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