1/10 Chevrolet Impala 1959 RC Car Hopping Lowrider Blue Classic Edition


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1959 Chevrolet Impala - Fully Functional Hopping Lowrider - Classic Edition.

Beautiful curves and sweet lines are what make the FiftyNine an absolute work of art. It does not get any more classic than the 1959 Chevrolet Impala’s bat wing rear fenders, cat’s eye taillights and beautiful chrome trim package. The Jevries collector’s edition FiftyNine features special edition colors and many other upgrades.

A detailed undercarriage with boxed crossmember frame rails, detailed floor pans, realistic exhaust, faux transmission, rear solid axle with removable differential cover and independent front suspension ensure the FiftyNine looks just as good performing tricks as it does displayed on a mirror.

Slow cruising in style, hopping for the crowd or rolling on three, it’s all possible with the FiftyNine’s specially designed simulated hydraulic suspension. Using specialty servos and precision weight bias, the FiftyNine replicates the driving style and overall look of a full-size hopping lowrider.

The included LR6X transmitter’s lowrider style switches, levers and buttons provide an authentic lowrider experience. Use the levers to individually raise and lower each of the three height adjustment servos or drop and extend the entire front or rear of the car with momentary buttons and switches. Slam the body for slow cruising, ride on three or hop for the crowd, it’s all possible with the FiftyNine. If you time the switches just right while hopping, you can proudly stand the FiftyNine up on its bumper and rear tires.

The Redcat FiftyNine comes in either Blue or Titanium giving the 1959 Chevrolet Impala a showroom worthy appearance. Fully painted optional rear fender skirts included.

Vehicle Features

  • • Officially licensed and highly detailed 1959 Chevrolet Impala body
  • • Scale 14 in spoked wheels
  • • Detailed chrome injection molded trim
  • • LED light kit ready

Mechanical Features

  • • Patented vehicle hopping system – U.S. Patent No. 11,083,973
  • • Real-time adjustable ride height
  • • Ultra fast custom made REEFS RC Hopping Servo
  • • Two 25KG rear axle height adjustment servos

Radio Features

  • • 6-Channel LR6X Radio control with lowrider style switches
  • • Individual switches for each of the 3 height adjustment servos
  • • Momentary switches for raising either the front or rear to max ride height / hopping
  • • Momentary buttons for lowering either the front or rear to minimum ride height
  •  Redcat - Radio Firmware Update Instructions

Needed to Completed

  • • Battery & Charger
  • • AA Batteries for the radio
Motor Type - Electric Brushed
Transmission - Forward and Reverse 
Drive System - 2 Wheel Drive
Length - 519mm (20.5")
Width - 223mm (9.2")
Height - 145mm (5.7)
Dry Weight - 2907g (6.41 lbs.)
Wheelbase - 287mm (11.3")
Shocks - Scale Style Hydraulics - 3 Wheeling Hopping & More 
Speed Control - 40a Brushed ESC with 5a 7.4v BEC
Battery - 3800mAh NiMh & USB Charger 
Radio System - Custom Designed LR6X - 6- Channel Radio with Lowrider Controls